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Eupsychia's Mission Statement: We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Our mission is to teach an evolutionary model of healing the psyche that can transform individuals and their communities through awareness, emotional healing, integration and service.

The therapists and teachers of Eupsychia combine healing and training utilizing the psycho-spiritual principles of Soul-Based Psychology and the experience of Integrative Breathwork (a powerful musical journey into our unconscious mind and deeper nature). Our methods provide healing, inspiration and self-empowerment and are making real differences in people's lives. You may enter into our Certification Program in Integrative Breathwork and Psychospiritual Integration to become an active practitioner of this healing method or simply attend workshops for health and well-being.

The proven outcomes of our program are:

  • Releasing debilitating issues from your past, including trauma and abuse
  • Finding meaning and sacred purpose to your life
  • Third Stage Recovery®, Self-Discovery. A transpersonal approach to healing patterns of addiction, poor habits and codependence
  • Gaining techniques for overcoming stress, burnout and anxiety
  • Receiving messages from one's inner spiritual guide or God-within
  • Overcoming depression or unfinished griefwork
  • Renewed meaning in one's life and career
  • Finding right relationship with one's mate and significant others
  • Making the shift from ego-psychology to soul-based psychology for the helping professionals who train with us
Eupsychia's workshops attract seekers and professionals looking for a sacred community of like-minded members of their Soul family.

Becoming a Practical Mystic by Jacquelyn Small
Awakening in Time by Jacquelyn Small
Improving Your Bedside Manner-A Handbook for Physicians to Develop Therapeutic  Conversations with their Patients


When spiritual purpose becomes our organizing principle behind our actions, everything in life falls into place. To begin healing physically, we must first heal the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of ourselves. Through inspiring stories, specific daily practices, guided imagery, and simple techniques, learn how to create your own personal and collective destiny.

The Classic
AWAKENING IN TIME Arguably the best book written by Jacquelyn. A foundational book that integrates a psychospiritual approach toward unfolding a Right Relationship with ourselves, others and our outer world.

Truly a must-read with a ton of experiential exercises.

Improving Your Bedside Manner-A Handbook for Physicians to Develop Therapeutic Conversations with their Patient (in collaboration with Dr. Jim Mulry)

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November 14-16

Round Rock (Austin) TX
Integrative Breathwork Weekend with Karen Finley Breeding, Julien Devereux

Please email Karen for more information

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