by Jacquelyn Small, Eupsychia Institute

A Guided Imagery Exercise


Anytime we feel caught up in a situation where our emotions are beginning to rock around, we will notice a strange shift in consciousness has occurred. Our consciousness has left us and gone over and attached itself to the someone or something that is upsetting us. We have literally lost ourselves for the time being, and have given away our power. Consequently, we cannot think straight; we cannot control our emotions; and our body even feels out of hand. We've become obsessed! Before we can resolve this intolerable situation, we must get hold of ourself again.

Use this exercise to bring consciousness back into the body, in the center where it belongs, attached to the true Self.


Please read about how to safely practice Guided Imagery
before beginning this exercise.


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Close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself being out there in the other person or thing … literally. See your consciousness over there in the other or scurrying around the scene that is upsetting you.

Now gradually, in your mind's eye, picture yourself (your Observer Self who is aware of this predicament just now) tossing a rope out to your consciousness over there and lassoing it. Very slowly now, bring it back in toward the center of your body, put it in its rightful place within you. Feel this happening as you do it."


(If you are successful you will experience a calming down, a settling in, a lightening up, and a letting go of anxiety and fear. You will be home again.

If the exercise did not work, your processing should include gaining insight into the difficulty or resistance that occurred. This exercise can be tried again, or modified to better fit your needs.)

It's important to understand how to completely process your imagery after completing any guided imagery exercise. You can read about that now.


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