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Updated 4/23/2014


Eupsychia, pronounced U-SI-KIA, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit "new paradigm" educational institute and service organization founded by Jacquelyn Small in 1975. Today, along with a gifted and inspired team of therapists and teachers from the fields of spiritual psychology, addictions, and corporate America, we offer training and healing programs throughout the country for professionals and others seeking knowledge and experience of personal transformation and soul-based psychology.

The concept "Eupsychia" was coined in 1962 by Abraham Maslow, the father of self-actualization theory and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology. The word means "psyche's well-being" in Greek. Today, our unfolding vision perpetuates the dream of a therapeutic community and a philosophy of healing that promotes well-being and honors all dimensions of the human ego and the soul. In keeping to this, we certify people in Soul-Based Psychology and Integrative Breathwork.

Eupsychia's purpose is to aid in the evolutionary shift in mental health work away from patholozing our clients to helping them understand that their symptoms are the natural pangs of birthing a new consciousness, a greater sense of self. We see all disease symptoms in this positive, proactive manner and help alleviate family dysfunction, addictions, or other woundings while simultaneously awakening the latent spiritual aspiration that exists in us all. We honor all psychological schools and the various religious/spiritual paths our participants espouse. We represent a path of synthesis.

Our message is simple: "The healer is within!" And we are all stars just awaiting our time to come fully into ourselves to shine for the world! We need only to recognize this fact to access this built-in creative potential we all share.

As part of a new group of world servers, we help to model and support a new type of leadership that honors all in the group to realize their full powers as human souls and to work in close harmony to unfold the plan for life on earth. Though there are guides, the group process itself is the teacher. Some of the qualities of this new group process are:

  • Dissolving separatism and dogmatic idealism, which creates fanaticism and bigotry. Worship of outer authority is replaced by learning to bring forth each person's own wisdom and unique expression.

  • Aligning our individual personalities with the soul, whose main desire is to serve humanity.

  • Training newcomers in vivo, by modeling this new approach, and inviting their full participation in the inner work of psycho-spiritual integration.

  • Channeling the old energies from the past that have held us captive in old identities. But not absorbing these energies. Instead, we allowing them to come up, be felt and seen, then integrated and released. All from our past must be transmuted into self-empowerment and a willingness to accept the mantle as "demonstrators of the divine," revealing the universal light in every individual soul.

  • Service is seen no longer as dutifully sacrificing oneself for the sake of others, but by finding one's sphere of influence and "doing one's being" in ways that come most naturally to us.

  • Learning how to create sacred space for the works of Spirit to unfold.

In an environment of loving support and heart-felt company, we of Eupsychia are committed to this process of Self-discovery and a shift to higher, more integrated ways of living and serving. Finding one's true purpose and authentic life's work is an integral part of Eupsychia's program. We know that we must heal the human psyche before we can save our world! Thank you so much for choosing to spend your time with us at this vital turning point in our evolution.


All financial donations to Eupsychia are welcome and always needed for expansion of our work. All donations are tax-deductible. You can donate online.



Eupsychia Institute is certified by the state of Texas as a Continuing Education Provider for the certification and re-certification of Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (PN 0331-89), Licensed Professional Counselors (#665), Social Workers (CS1260), Marriage and Family Therapists (#318), Licensed Massage Therapists and Psychologists with reciprocity in most other states. Most states do have reciprocity with Texas but it is incumbent upon you to determine whether any program you wish to attend will qualify for credit by your state's licensing board(s). You might need to request a brochure of the event and offer Jacquelyn's professional vita for their consideration. View or print Jacquelyn's full professional vita.

In 2014, Massage Therapists will receive CEU credit at our RETREATS. Our senior staff member, Karen Yuskaitis, must be present at the program for credit to be given.

We invite you to join with us in the future whenever you can.

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